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Our customers are continually impressed with the quality of our work, the depth of knowledge and our ability to find cost-effective solutions. We want to create "Customers for Life" so your satisfaction is our main goal. Here are just a few of the kind things our customers have said about us:
Job Description: 
I used them on two different occasions. I had a sewer that was backed up and coming back through a drain in the floor of the laundry room. They came out and routed the full line all the way to the street 20-30 feet or so, removed the obstruction, and made everything work again. I also had some copper pipes that burst due to cold weather and then there was water spraying everywhere. They came over and repaired three different breaks and helped prevent future breaks from happening. Fantastic! Both calls were on rental properties that I manage and both calls were after hours. The first was a Saturday night and after trouble shooting a few things over the phone they sent two guys out who not only fixed the problem, but also took the steps to explain everything to me. They were very helpful and helped me to understand why this happened as well as what we could do to prevent it.
Sandeep J., Jan 2012
Friendly and Helpful
Job Description: 
We've used Prut Plumbing for a number of plumbing needs and concerns - from construction of a new sump pit to repair of various plumbing fixtures. They are ALWAYS prompt, professional, helpful - and always do a great job. We rest easier knowing that Prut Plumbing is available when we need them and that they'll do the job right.
Emily L., Dec 2011
I will gladly use Power Plumbing again
Job Description:  I had a tenant call and tell me their kitchen sink was leaking and that there was no way to use the sink until the faucet was replaced. So, based on the strong reviews contained herein, I called and was able to set up a same day appointment. I met the plumber at 3:00 and in less than an hour he had replaced the old faucet with a new one and ensured everything was perfect.
The experience could not have gone better. I called, asked if they could do it today. They said they would find a way and what time was best for me. They called me an hour before the appointment to tell me the plumber was going to be there and the entire project was completed in less than an hour. I have no reason to look for another plumber again in the future. I will gladly use Power Plumbing again.
Patrick C., Oct 2011
We definitely got more than we paid for
Job Description:  Quarter Shower converted into tub. They've also put in our kitchen sink and moving the underlying plumbing for tub conversion. This work was in a split-level home. In the basement, we moved the basement utility sink and re-piped it so we could move washer/dryer lines.
It was a major job where they had to move the piping and everything. They did excellent work and we definitely got more than we paid for. The workers are detail-oriented and explain everything involved in what would need to be done. They take care of their people. Their prices are very reasonable and are much cheaper than other companies we have used. Time-frame was kept and job was wonderful! They give you a heads-up about holes in the wall so you are aware of drywall work that you will need done. They do this before continuing with work. They all act like a family and you can see their bond while they work.
Angela M., Sep 2011
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