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Reducing Risk of Water Damage
The Origins of "Plumber" - Fun Facts!
Reducing Risk of Water Damage
Environment Canada is predicting warmer-than-normal temperatures for the rest of the winter. Spring time brings in a higher risks for floods. So here are some suggestions from Insurance Bureau of Canada to help reduce the risk of water damage:
  • Keep drains clear.
  • If you are away from home for more than three days have someone check your property.
  • Ensure that there is proper grading around your home.
  • Install a sump pump.
  • Install backflow valves or plugs for drains, toilets and other sewer connections to prevent water from entering the home.
The Origins of "Plumber" - Fun Facts!
Did you know? The word plumber dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. In Rome, pipes were originally made from lead, which is plumbum in Latin. People who worked with lead were called Plumbarius, which was eventually shortened to the word we use today.
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